Let's assume that you loved someone who is living far away from you. Then he was going to come to the US. Then, what would you do if you wanted to tell him how much do you love him and think about him? Let me say. You didn't have a song in your current album. So, you will decide to write him a new song. In your song you would say that "This love is ours", "They can't take it from us", "My heart is yours", "My choice is you", "I don't care (about others)" and "This song is yours." But you didn't know when you can release your new album. So, you decide to add it to your current album. After that, you decide to make a new video for that to show him how much you are waiting for him (Maybe you wanted to say it in your song, but you didn't want to write a sad song.) In you video:
when you are in the elevator, you show that how much I could be like you.

When you are at your own computer desk, you show that how much I think about you!
Then you would like to say that I have a kitty just like yours. So, you put it in your video.
Then, you show that because I am thinking about them that I don't care about other things around.
Finally, to show him how much you are enthusiastic about him, you will go to the station.
How ever did you know that I am working in an office similar to that in your video? Where ever did you find my kitty's picture? Indeed I saw the cat you were painted!

You have developed great painting skills! (joking) In the last scene of the video, I thought that everything is real and it is me who is hugging you toughly, just for a moment.

Don't do that! (it means that do it always!) Don't bring that! (This sentence has many meanings. here it just means the same as the previous sentence) What ever is your gain from doing such things? You did all these intentionally! Didn't you? I don't know; maybe all these things come to real some day.