خب بعد از اینکه دانشجو تصمیم نهایی رو میگیره که کدوم دانشگاه بره و دیگه مطمئنه که تصمیمش عوض هم نمیشه باید به دانشگاه هایی که بهش پذیرش دادن ایمیل بزنه و اطلاع بده که نمیتونه درخواستشون رو قبول کنه.

متن ایمیل بگردید توی اینترنت زیاده به عنوان نمونه من اینو فرستادم:

June 29, 2012

To whom it may concern:

     Thank you for offering me acceptance to your ......................... Ph.D. program. You know that decision about the graduate school is a hard decision that may affect several years of one's life. After a long deliberation, finally I made my decision about your offer. Although I like this program and your school, I regret to inform you that can not accept your offer at this time as I am going to accept another school's offer.

     I am very grateful to you for all you did during the admission process and after that. If I find out that I made a wrong decision, I would be interested to apply for your program again. Thank you for considering me as a student.

.............. ................

نامه باید خلاصه و محترمانه باشه و از کلماتی مثل regret و ... توش استفاده بشه. برای من یه کم طولانیه اما اندازه اش بازم مناسبه.

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